Are you Verified Trustworthy? What’s your Reputation Worth?

Reputation management is one of the biggest things businesses and professionals are scrambling to improve.

Why? Because it’s necessary for survival!

What is the first thing someone does when they hear about a person or business they are considering purchasing or just want to learn more about?

That’s right…They Google you!  And if they don’t like what they see they are gone!

As someone who has been providing SEO services for years I can personally attest to the number of business owners crying out for reputation repair. Let me be clear that I don’t condone repairing reputations in cases where the reviews and comments are deserved. However, there are many good people out there being cyber bullied via false comments from their competitors and haters.

I don’t view that as being fair at all and neither did my business partner Matt Anton.

Matt has been working closely with some of our preferred clients in effort to repair their reputations with great success.  He has recently developed a service that highlights the best things about you and/or your business to showcase to your potential customers.

Think of it as the opposite of Ripoff Report!

It’s called Verified Trustworthy and when you visit that link you will see all the great examples of people and businesses in the directory.


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