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Everyone wants to rank page one, number one, king of the hill – top of Google and Bing. Yet keywords are “cold”, uncaring of who transiently owns them. Wishful thinking or demanding results as if the search engines “owe” is the mindset Daniel wanted to avoid. Instead, he approaches keyword rankings as a challenge to be solved. Rankings are derived from a beautiful symphony of inputs; search engines leverage enormous data sets based on user experiences, explicit webmaster data driven communication, and leveraging the cloud (the web as a whole and all its users). It’s a very fun, yet serious game of proper, consistent activities. SEO has been moving towards time intensive activities. If seconds, minutes or hours could be saved, in aggregate thousands of hours and monies could be utilized elsewhere. Through nearly a decade of tweaking and refining his SEO software, Daniel Anton has cut out unnecessary laborious human tasks, and transformed cheap labor into skilled labor, while embracing cloud technologies and the mobile web. By refusing to build software which only notifies you of a problem (you aren’t ranking for your keywords), his focus has been search marketing services designed around actual tasks and results, an important distinction in any industry between doers and watchers.

Daniel Anton has been creating websites since he was 15 while growing up as an avid online mmorpg gamer for titles: Diablo, Ultima Online, EverQuest, World of Warcraft. The dichotomy between a “couch potato” was balanced well with an active sports regime, resulting in becoming the first concurrent New York & New Jersey junior Olympic boxing champion, and later an Airborne Infantry Army Ranger Major.

Daniel Anton SEO Services

(Daniel Anton & wife Allison Anton in Africa)

Discipline (sports) and the mindset to solve problems (video games) translated well into a leadership role in the United States Army, most recently as a CEO of a software development and marketing company. Today, Daniel sells more search engine optimization services than any agency, through a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model – a testament to well-supported and results focused month to month clients.

While most clients are web designers or marketing agencies, DIY users, many “power users” leverage enterprise level software solutions in order to scale online marketing and SEO needs. Due to increased client demands for start to finish solutions, local agencies were established with a focus on transparency, fair pricing, and extremely high quality deliverables. In the world of software, a combination of robotic artificial intelligence (automation), cheap Virtual Assistant Labor, and skilled team members led to cost savings and time savings for web designers and marketing agencies who’ve embraced it. In the world of client-focused SEO, clients are hand-selected based on company size, potential for growth, and ambition (budget).

Daniel Anton SEO Services

Crowd Search, BacklinksIndexer, and a Beta Software (closed testing) have been the most popular/successful SEO organic software to date that is NOT rooted in tracking or monitoring keywords, analytics, or analysis, but actual grunt work in the trenches, which get results, much like Daniel’s military days as an Infantryman. And more recently YouTube SEO has been a passion that Daniel has been exploring with powerful software solutions.

Daniel is partnered with top SEO experts and agencies with multiple locations, one being his first home out of the Army (near Ft. Benning Georgia) in Atlanta, and the other with brother Matt Anton in NJ. Other partnership locations exist as either an advisory position or backend service provider of multiple leading agencies in a white label capacity.

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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is an investment in ones business. The software isn’t a magic silver bullet solution. It simply automates many tedious processes which had to be performed by humans. This saves money on expensive hourly wage workers, and even cheap Virtual Assistants. The software also intelligently leverages cloud technologies, unskilled labor (transformed into skilled labor), and leverages higher skilled tasks when appropriate. Just as Henry Ford transformed the automobile industry, Daniel Anton has broken through many preconceived notions of what can and can’t be automated via his Computer Science background in highschool and college. The end result has been over 30,000 active, paid, monthly memberships and deep client relationships forged through open-communication and value.