How To Build a Viral Website

“How To Start Your Own Viral Website by Watching How I Do It Over My Shoulder”


Have you heard of Viral Nova?

They Make $600,000 per month!

When I first heard of how well Viral Nova was doing I immediately started reverse engineering what they did and how they did it.  Who wouldn’t want one of these sites for themselves right?

What is Viral Nova? Chances are you’ve seen their posts in your news feed on Facebook with some catchy headline to draw you in for the click.  And that’s how they get you…They make all their money from traffic and when people visit their site they drive so many impressions that the Ad revenue they make through Google Adsense and other Content Networks is through the roof!

Here’s their formula: 1. Catchy headlines (Clickbait) 2. Clean & responsive website with easy to navigate layout and sharing on Facebook 3. Drive just about all their traffic from Facebook 4. Most content is just copied and syndicated from sources like Reddit

Do they really make that much? You better believe it.  Just look at this chart…


This chart shows that they get around 50+million visitors per month.  So that’s around 2 million per day.  And I have a contact from Taboola that told me these numbers are actually much larger.  So we calculate that you earn about $1 for every 1,000 page views.  I’ve confirmed this myself with my own testing and found it to be even higher than this.  So that’s $20,000 per day or $600,000 per month.  That’s just insane!

So why isn’t everyone doing this? There are a lot of people trying and failing and the few that are succeeding probably don’t want to share their knowledge.

How can I get started? I thought you’d never ask.  Since the generic Viral Nova idea has been done to death and it would be much harder to break into the entire market we are going to select a niche instead. (Ref: Video 1: Selecting a Niche).

There are already a lot of posts talking about this subject but I haven’t seen anyone attempt to really create their own version and teach it over the shoulder like I am. Until now…

My website for this training is http://DogViral.Buzz and I will be showing you the exact steps to do the same thing for your niche.

 I also want to mention that an article I read by Glen of ViperChill ( kept me motivated to try this model again.  I gave it the old “college try” even before his article came out, but I had so much going on with my main business that I didn’t really give it the attention it deserved.  I have obviously made time recently and I have Glen to thank for that.  He’s one of the smartest guys online so you’ve probably already heard of him :)

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