Review – (The Ultimate PBN SEO Hosting Solution?)

So What is Cloud Boss Pro and What does it do?

view demo cloud boss pro review is an SEO hosting-enabling software that works like a bridge between you and 8 Different MASSIVE Cloud service platforms.

cloud boss pro hosting platforms

So How is different from Other ‘SEO hosting’ companies?

Normal SEO hosting companies offer hosting resources on SHARED WITH OTHER SEOs through a limited number of ‘C-class’ IP addresses with a relatively small number of server locations.

As a result, it is VERY EASY for Google ‘infiltrators’ to sign up to these SEO hosting companies, install sites, note their IPs and deindex those sites.

And because the are widely advertised as “SEO Hosting Companies” Google specifically targets them and routinely deindexes all or many of the sites hosted there…thereby destroying your network, your money, and your time.

With, however, you are hosting your SEO/PBN sites with your own accounts (NOT shared with other SEOs) on the largest Cloud services platforms int he world.

These MASSIVE Cloud service platforms like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft EC2 already host millions of ‘normal’ business websites on them and your PBN sites just hide under the radar amongst them.

On Amazon, for example, big sites like Instagram, Airbnb, TMZ, PBS, Flippa, Bleacher Report, and many more are already using Amazon for site hosting. Not a bad place to hide out? eh?

amazon cloud boss pro hosting 1 amazon cloud boss pro hosting 2


So Why Do You Need when you could just go directly to these Cloud companies directly?

These Cloud services have VERY complicated interfaces and processes for setting up hosting with them. They are NOT hosting friendly by a long shot.

Plus bulk site installation and management is not an option with them either. You will spend countless hours just trying to get this working for your PBN.

So How Does Cloudboss work?

I could try to explain it here but it would be best to give you inside access to the demo:

view demo cloud boss pro review

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